Meet Our Friendly Team

Maxine Bowman - Director / Licensee:

Maxine is the licensee/director of Bowmans Real Estate. She is the driving force behind the business as well as being a licensed Real Estate and Business agent. She is also a licensed auctioneer. Maxine is the person to speak to when it comes to commercial leasing and she oversees the residential property management. Maxine has over 25 years of experience in Real Estate sales and management and has been the licensee of Bowmans Real Estate for over 15 years.


Michelle Patane - Property Manager:

Michelle is one of Bowmans Real Estates enthusiastic, friendly and certified property managers. She possesses fantastic communication skills and is always taking 100% care of her tenants, landlords, properties and creditors. For all your property management questions or queries Michelle will be more than happy to assist.