Frequently Asked Questions By Vendors

Can security be a problem during inspections and open home viewings?

Before opening your home for inspection, it is very important to give a little thought to security and what you want on display for others to see. As long as certain precautions are taken prior to going on the market, risk can be effectively minimised. Small personal items that are of great value or importance should be carefully stowed away. Whilst they may enhance the appearance of your home, it is safest to secure them. Naturally, jewellery should be not left in bedside drawers or on top of furniture such as dressing tables, as this is the first place a 'would-be-thief' might look. CD's, fragrance bottles, jewellery or money boxes are items that can be easily picked up and hidden in pockets, bags or inside jackets. Whilst our sales agent holding the inspection or open home viewing will always be vigilant, please help us by assuring your security by not making it easy for the 'less honest' amongst us.  

Do I need to go out during inspections and open home viewings?

We strongly recommend to our vendors that they leave their house during an inspection or open home viewing. This is so we can create the most desirable environment for prospective purchasers, We'd like to think of your home as our showroom. Buyers can sometimes feel quite intimidated by the presence of an owner. Put yourself in their shoes. As well as limiting the buyer's ability to ask questions and restricting their option to investigate personal storage areas, they may also feel that they are invading the owner's privacy and could potentially shorten their inspection. When we're selling your property, we want everything working in your favour. If a potential purchaser sees something that they are worried about, it is critical that we can openly discuss it with them without concern that it may offend the owner.  

Do I need to have open viewings or can I just have private inspections?

As a vendor, it is entirely your decision whether or not you wish to open your home for viewings or if you just want the agent to hold private inspections whenever there is an interested party. As an agent, we highly recommend holding open homes, especially on Saturday mornings or afternoons. Weekends, particularly Saturdays, is when the community is out and about shopping, watching or playing sport, catching up with friends for a coffee in the street and attending other social or community events. We believe this is the perfect opportunity to have your home open for viewing for half an hour to 45 minutes to allow prospective purchasers to wonder through and inspect with ease. By allowing prospective buyers to wander through and inspect your home at their own pace with an agent nearby to answer any questions they may have, it will enable them to get the right feel for your home. Whether this be through private or open inspections, we do recommend these taking place throughout the mar...

What happens if I sell my property prior to auction or before all adverts are placed?

In the event that there is an opportunity to secure a satisfactory sale price prior to the scheduled auction or commencement of advertising, the sale would continue on as a normal sale, not under auction conditions and all remaining advertising would immediately be withdrawn.   A full refund would be made for the balance of any advertising funds. If a sale, prior to auction, were being considered at a point where newspaper deadlines made it impossible to withdraw remaining advertising, we would attempt to advertise everywhere possible (e.g: Facebook and on this website) to ensure the public is aware that the auction has been cancelled and the property has sold.        

Should I rent or should I sell?

One of the most common questions from a vendor looking at placing their home on the market is “Should I sell or rent my home?”. This is a serious question that requires a lot of thought from you, the vendor. The answer, of course, depends on your individual situation. It is crucial to weigh up your options and consider both the pros and cons of both selling and renting your home. Each Real Estate market is different, so it is best to avoid the information and statistics in national news and newspapers. There are a few ways to access the correct and necessary information that you will require to make an educated decision. First you'll want to speak to your local, professional selling agent and property manager. You may need to seek the advice of two or three agents to give you a spectrum of ideas on price and other factors involved. Of course, you could also appoint a professional valuer to give you an evaluation on your home in the current market, but sometimes their inf...

Do you have anymore questions?

Should you have any further questions that you would like answered by our professional and friendly sales agent Maxine Bowman, please do not hesitate to contact her on 0427 736 079. Alternatively, she is contactable at the office on (02) 6964 3222 or via e-mail at