Frequently Asked Questions By Tenants

How do I report my maintenance?

Maintenance makes up such a big component of property management. Our professional and hard-working property management team does the best they can when it comes to organising trades people and sourcing quotes. Should you have any maintenance issues, no matter how big or small, it is extremely important to let our agency know about them straight away so that we can get the issues repaired before they get out of control or cause serious harm and damage. If you have any maintenance issues, please contact the property management team on (02) 6964 3222 or 0419 763 384 or e-mail one of the property managers who will attend to it pronto. Alternatively, come into the office and complete a maintenance request form. We use only experienced, licensed and professional trades people to do all of our maintenance repairs.

How many days notice do I have to give to vacate?

To end your tenancy, you are required to give our agency notice. The notice periods will differ depending on the situation.   After the fixed term: If your lease has already expired and you have not entered into another lease agreement, you are required to give a minimum of 21 days notice. You must pay the rent up to and including the day your notice ends and you vacate and hand the property keys in.   At the end of the fixed term: If you want to end your tenancy when the fixed term period is due to run out, you are required to give at least 14 days notice. This notice can be given up to and including the last day of the fixed term.   When a property is put up for sale: If a landlord notifies their intention to sell the premises during the fixed term of a tenancy agreement and did not disclose the proposed sale before signing the agreement, the tenant can terminate the lease with 14 days notice and does not have to compensate the landlord for the early terminat...

What happens when my lease expires but I still want to live in the property?

Your lease is due to expire or it has already expired? You're freaking out because you think you have to move out? No that is not the case! Unless your landlord or agent has already given you the regulated amount of notice to vacate the property for a specific reason (i.e - the landlord wants to move in), you do not have to move out just because your lease has expired. If your lease agreement is due to end or has already ended recently, speak to your agent about your options. At Bowmans Real Estate, we only have two options and these include; Signing a new Residential Tenancy Agreement.First the agent is required to seek permission from the landlord (just incase they do have future plans to move into or sell the property) to sign the tenant up to another lease agreement. Generally, if the landlord is happy with you as a tenant and you are happy with the property, they will be more than happy to allow you to enter into another lease agreement. After permission i...

How can I pay my rent?

As a tenant, you have several options to pay your rent, leaving no excuse for late payments.  Methods of rent payments that we accept include: Internet banking through your chosen financial institution. Direct debit from your nominated bank account. Cheque. Centrepay - through your Centrelink payments. On the odd occasion we will accept cash payments. Our agency is focusing more on becoming a 'cash-less' office. This minimises the risk of having money left on the premises over night or over the weekend which also lessens the risk of theft and robbery.

How often will I have periodic inspections?

Generally, the first periodic inspection takes place 6 weeks after you move into the property and then they are every 6 months thereafter. We will give you at least 7 days written notice of an inspection and you will also receive a reminder text message a few days prior. You will be given the option to be present at the inspection or give us permission to access the property with our master key. Occassionally, the landlord may request to attend the inspection with the property manager. If you are unsure when your next periodic inspection is, please contact the property management team on (02) 6964 3222.

I locked myself out - what should I do?

Our office retains a duplicate key for most of our rental properties. Under special circumstances and on producing identification, the master key may be borrowed during office hours, but must be returned that same day. We do not have duplicate keys for all managed properties. Should we not have a duplicate key for your property, it will be your responsibility to arrange for a locksmith and attend to payment of the account. (Please note that we will not issue keys after hours or on public holidays).